From TRU Founder, Jana Cardona

I provide a unique outsiders view of how you can identify and uncover business referrals for your company.

Sometimes we get so close to our company, product or service that we can’t see it from another person’s perspective, especially if we want to build a business based referral marketing. We can see referrals everywhere for our business, and wonder why others can’t. Also, many don’t take the time to make a specific list of who their ideal clients are, and how they can be identified.

We often aren’t able to clearly articulate to another person outside of our business how to identify a great potential client for us, or to teach them what to say next to secure a referral for us.

My years of experience listening to and helping sales and marketing professional learn to ask for referral business has fine-tuned my ability to offer advice and guidance on important details that need to be included and clearly defined for a person not versed in your business to identify an ideal client for you.

Receiving a quality referral from someone is a tremendous gift that we all would love to have. But, even better, if we can teach people to identify our “Golden Goose” (maybe even more than one!), we would explode our business. These “Golden Geese” are solid referral partners who already have our ideal clients as their clients. If we learn how to first identify them, teach others to identify them, and then build a relationship with them, we will then have a continual source of ideal clients. Imagine the potential explosion your business could experience!